In this fast-paced, technology-enhanced day, it is clear organizations need to be competitive and sustainable in order to be successful. They must qualify and fill leadership roles for today and for tomorrow. They need to be able to define what their culture's leadership role looks like, as well the required profile, skill sets, and values. A Leadership Culture does not just happen, it is planned and cultivated. It is essential that we now plan for and grow leadership within our organizations and have real understanding of our Vision and Core Values in order to create sustainable organizations. Effective Transition and Succession is more about a mentality within a culture than a "drill" which we implement when a leader is about to leave for a multitude of reasons, all too often without notice.

CULTURE is not a choice. Form an organization and a culture will evolve. The TYPE of culture, however, is totally a choice that should be determined and nurtured by the organization's LEADERSHIP.

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